Meet Isaiah

Isaiah is our first student corespondent coming to us from one of our programs in Oakland. Below is his brief and short introduction to a few things he would like to share about himself.

” Hi my name is Isaiah Casias. I’m 11 years old. I go to RISE elementary. I was born in Berkeley, California. My favorite thing  to do is ride dirt bikes. I hope one day I could be a radiologist, because I wish to work with cancer patients.”



For His first post, Isaiah would like to focus on highlighting a fellow student in his school that he believes is an embodiment of the schools motto: “Be kind, work hard, get smart, talk it out!”

Below are pictures taken by Isaiah himself, and a short article on what that motto means to him.


Emiliano a. 10 years old.
Photographed by: ISAIAH CASIAS

“To be responsible you have to get ready for school. Pack all your stuff like books, pencils, snacks, and have everything you need so you can pass to the next grade and be responsible for your actions. Then you will become more responsible and get good actions and good grades.

Being kind at our school means being nice to each other, keep your hands and feet to yourself and wait your turn to speak to your peers. Parents also have to do these things to keep their families safe and in good health. So we can do everything to be the best the world has to offer in life if we are kind to each other all the time!”

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